Proof that Scotland would thrive as an independent country

According to one of the world's most respected economists, Scotland could "not only survive on it's own, it could thrive on it's own." You will not however hear any of this from mainstream media outlets in the UK, and I think it's pretty obvious why.

Change is never welcomed by the establishment or corporations which rely on the status quo, so for quite obvious reasons, they'd quite like to keep things as they are.  It is therefore in the interest of the establishment to continue their onslaught of negative and biased unionist propaganda, in order to prevent Scotland from taking it's rightful place on the world stage.

One of the world's most respected Irish economists David McWilliams explained once, why Scotland would thrive as an independent nation.  McWilliams is highly respected because he correctly predicted the global financial crash of 2008.  Now of course, this was not reported in UK media, but on Irish news.  Interestingly, he also predicted in this video, that the Scottish independence vote would change Scotland's relationship with the UK Government forever.

An article in the Independent newspaper a couple of years ago, explained exactly why Scotland has all of the ingredients to become the world's richest country on a GDP per capita basis.

The oil is good for at least the next 50 years according to The Scotsman newspaper recently.  This is despite the fact that in 2014, Scots were told the oil could run out within a decade.  Actually, any time the issue of Scottish independence is discussed, the mainstream media immediately publish articles that downplay the value of Scottish assets.

Some mainstream media outlets like Channel 4 for example, even claimed that the oil and gas reserves are worth only £120 billion rather than the £1.5 trillion figure that was banded around by the independence campaign in 2014.

However, in the years since, BP have now openly admitted that Clair Ridge is a real project and have now started drilling - in 2014, the SNP were labelled conspiracy theorists for discussing this project, which will be targeting 640 million barrels of oil according to BP.  So that low estimate perpetuated by mainstream media at the time of the first referendum was quite clearly a deliberate deception.

A BBC article recently valued Scots personal wealth at being worth over a trillion pounds.

Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England told a press conference before, that "the broadbrush assets of the Scottish financial sector" is worth at least "ten times GDP," and admits that to be "north of a trillion pounds sterling."  Currently, that equates to over £1.8 trillion.  Now, ask yourself why there have been no headlines about any of this in the British mainstream media?

So what is the secret to being the wealthiest country on earth on a per capita basis?  Well that's simple - have a lot of wealth, and share it with a relatively small population.

Let's look at the list of the world's wealthiest countries right now per capita, and it doesn't take a genius to immediately figure out that they all have a very small population like Scotland.  Actually, having a massive population is a bad thing economically per person.  Having a small population is therefore better.  So the whole argument that you could be "too small" to be independent is quite silly really.

Being a smaller country, means that there is more accountability and less opportunity for state corruption.  Being smaller also makes it easier for a nation to remain competitive and attractive to foreign investment and corporations.

It is widely believed that Scotland could easily implement the Irish model of reducing corporation tax slightly in order to attract huge American multinational corporations to set up home in Scotland, which would bring tens of billions of pounds into the Scottish economy, and would also provide excellent jobs with excellent pensions and benefits to thousands of workers who are currently undervalued in the UK's low wage economy.

Economists have pointed out that Scotland would have the ability to be even more competitive in this area, because our wages are currently so low compared to other countries.

Scotland already has a higher GDP Per Capita than France, Spain, New Zealand and Japan.  So if you're saying that Scotland isn't rich enough to be independent, then you'd have to conclude the same is true of France, Spain, New Zealand and Japan, which is frankly ridiculous.

Business For Scotland revealed once how the British Government deliberately mislead the public into thinking that Scotland couldn't survive by fudging the financial figures.

The British Government commissioned The McCrone Report, which was supposed to find that Scotland couldn't survive as an independent country, but much to the horror of the Government, it revealed the opposite was true, that Scotland would have been one of the richest countries on earth by now, with one of the world's strongest currencies.  The British Government then buried the information for 30 years, because they feared that if the people of Scotland knew the true economic potential, that they'd immediately demand independence.

A Forbes article actually concluded that the British Government have been deliberately misleading the people of Scotland for decades in order to keep Scotland under control.

Any sane human being would conclude that the British Government will do and say anything to protect Scotland's place in the union, in order to protect the UK's place as one of the world's biggest economies.

Given that the Scottish economy represents roughly 8.4% of the UK economy as a whole - losing Scotland would mean a massive hit to UK GDP, and the UK would immediately fall a few places in the world rankings.  When you really think about it, it's the UK that has everything to lose, and Scotland has everything to gain.

Scotland vs UK assets

As you can see by studying the table above, the UK would lose the vast majority of it's assets if it were to lose Scotland.  The UK would lose oil reserves, gas reserves, hydro power, farmland, sea area, forestry, fishing waters, tourism income, export income etc.

Scotland is simply put, an asset to the UK Government.  Scotland is the UK's greatest asset in fact - the jewel in the crown of their dwindling Empire.  The question is, just how much longer will they manage to hold onto this prized asset?

Scotland is a rich country, with trillions of pounds worth of natural assets, trillions of pounds worth of personal wealth, and a finance sector worth trillions of pounds - so of course, it makes sense that they don't want to lose us.

On a per capita basis, it is perfectly true that Scotland could potentially become one of the richest GDP per capita countries on earth in the aftermath of independence.


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