The Scotland to Ireland bridge is a slap in the face to the people of Scotland

The idea of having a bridge between Scotland and the north of Ireland, in itself, is not necessarily a bad one.  It's not the bridge in itself that upsets people.  In a perfect utopia, perhaps it would be a wonderful idea.

Scotland to Ireland bridge

But if Johnson wants to build a bridge of trust between his UK Government, and the people of Scotland - the Scotland to Ireland bridge is not the answer.

Making such decisions about Scotland, for Scotland, on our behalf, without consulting our government, actually undermines devolution.  Public opinion is quite glaringly against the idea, with most people questioning how the UK Government would fund such a project.

Scotland to Ireland bridge

Scotland sent £62.7 billion in taxes to London last year, and yet the Scottish Government will only have access to £34 billion for this year's budget.  The Scottish Government will, as always, be forced to balance the books to the penny, and will of course, have surplus funds left over as we did last year, and the year before.

However, the UK Government will waste public funds on ridiculously overpriced projects, and will then say that Scotland owes 8.4% of the cost for all of these projects.  Costs will often spiral out of control, and many projects cancelled when hundreds of millions of pounds have already been spent.  So now you can see why the UK Government can insist that Scotland has a deficit.

UK Government say they will spend £20 billion to build the Scotland to Ireland bridge.  And they will of course say that half of the cost is attributed to Scotland, and half to the north of Ireland.

Let's say they take ten years to build the bridge.  That will be £1 billion a year added to Scotland's imaginary "deficit" to build a project that nobody in Scotland wanted in the first place.  The UK Government will then use this extra spending on Scotland's behalf to undermine the campaign for independence.

Scotland to Ireland bridge

And that's what they do.  They deliberately spend tens of billions of pounds on projects such as the HS2, and attribute 8.4% of the cost to Scotland (since we are 8.4% of the population.)  It is all a very deliberate effort to undermine the cause of Scottish independence.

If the UK Government had announced an extra £20 billion for the Scottish Government to spend on infrastructure projects, so that we could get the public involved, hold some consultations, and really build some things that the people of Scotland could get excited about, then perhaps that would have been a good gesture.

But the idea that the UK Government will just sweep in, and go over the heads of the Scottish Government, to undermine the people of the country who clearly did not vote for such a project to be built, is frankly bewildering.

It is widely reported that Johnson's bridge is an effort to "save the union" but far from strengthening the union, it will damage it beyond all repair.


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