Coronavirus strengthens the case for an independent Scotland

Coronavirus in Scotland

It goes without saying that many of Scotland's powers are reserved to Westminster.  The Scottish Government has limited powers over matters of national security and issues that effect the well being of the nation in general.

Whilst it is true, that the Scottish Government does have power to implement strategies to improve the outcome for the citizens of our nation, and we have the best NHS in the UK to prevent fatalities, it cannot be denied that our abilities to protect against the spread of the virus are hindered by the union.

This is one of those situations where you really have to weigh up what's more important to you.  Is the threat of economic doom so worrying that you'd rather risk the lives of your elderly relatives and loved ones?  Or would it be worth considering that we should take the well informed decision to take matters into our own hands, like every other normal independent country in the world?

The UK Government regularly threaten people in Scotland that we'd never survive without Westminster controlling our finances, whilst in this instance for example, the exact opposite is true.

If we were independent, we would have control over 100% of our finances, and I'm pretty sure the Scottish Government would suspend massive wasteful infrastructure projects in favour of piling more funds into the NHS to deal with this crisis.

If we were independent, we would choose not to spend tens of billions of Scottish tax payers money renewing the collection of nuclear submarines that are moored in the Clyde.  We would divert those funds to the health service to deal with the outbreak.

If we were independent, we would not be ploughing billions of pounds worth of Scottish taxes into wasteful infrastructure projects such as the HS2, which London forces Scotland to pay a share despite the fact that it will never serve a single iota of benefit to Scotland.

It would take a pretty big stretch of the imagination for anyone to come to the conclusion that being under Tory rule, with Boris Johnson at the helm, that somehow people would be safer than if the Scottish Government had the power to make all of the important decisions.

Boris Johnson Coronavirus

Pictured above: the contrast between the UK's weak response to the Coronavirus, alongside Ireland's much more pro-active response.  As an independent country, Ireland has free reign to make all decisions relating to matters of national security and the general well being of their nation.

Blustering Boris has decided after a Cobra meeting yesterday, to do absolutely nothing to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.  Keep coughing and carry on is the message of the day.

In England, mass gatherings have not been cancelled.  In Scotland, using limited powers, the Scottish Government has banned gatherings of 500 or more as of Monday next week.

Many other countries around the world have gone into total lockdown, banning flights from certain areas, closing schools, and some have even quarantined entire areas.  Johnson has decided to do none of these things and hope for the best.

The Prime Minister, last week on morning television suggested that the UK Government had diced with the idea of letting the disease pass through the population.

Johnson told Philip Schofield on ITV's This Morning, "Well it’s a very, very important question, and that’s where a lot of the debate has been and one of the theories is, that perhaps you could take it on the chin, take it all in one go and allow the disease, as it were, to move through the population, without taking as many draconian measures. I think we need to strike a balance, I think it is very important, we’ve got a fantastic NHS, we will give them all the support that they need, we will make sure that they have all preparations, all the kit that they need for us to get through it. But I think it would be better if we take all the measures that we can now to stop the peak of the disease being as difficult for the NHS as it might be, I think there are things that we may be able to do."

So to go from that quote to suddenly deciding to take absolutely no action whatsoever to prevent the spread of the virus, you would have to assume that they have indeed opted for this very wreckless and careless plan of action.

In truth, without independence, Scotland is at the mercy of Johnson and the Tory party, and anyone who thinks that is preferable to making our own decisions in terms of Scotland's national security and general well being, frankly needs their head examined.


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